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Rita Lino

In the times we live in, being an artist feels almost wrong

Sometimes I even think that my gaze and my photography feel like that of a male. When you look and you think the way I do - it’s very masculine. Though, I'm learning that today, it's also considered very feminine.


Ziyu Wang

Release Yourself By Acting In Photographs

Looking back on my childhood, I failed almost all exams due to my poor memory, and I was labeled as a bad student in the Chinese education system. At the same time, my parents were busy with their work and had no time to care what I thought.


Diana Lange

The biggest compliment is when the client says, 'just do you’

In my hometown, even though some who seek excuses might disagree, there is everything you need to get far in photography.


Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Humor Is The Base Of My Work

To me, good art has to provoke a reaction from its viewer, and I think a smile or laugh is the most beautiful reaction — especially in these times.


Karla Hiraldo Voleau

Am I really interested in that subject?

It was a series of coincidences that made me end up studying photography. Originally I had no clue about what medium to choose — I just knew I wanted to tell stories, mine and the ones that surrounded me.


Vincent Forstenlechner

The limitations of photography in documenting time

I am also very intrigued by the limitations of photography when it comes to documenting time, which is the complete opposite of the seemingly coherent stream of history unfolding through our lives and in society as a whole.