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Connected Archives - Mini Portfolio Reviews on Clubhouse

join us on Clubhouse for our Fast Forward Portfolio Reviews and get your work reviewed by world class photo editors, directors, curators and art buyers.

Next up:

02-14-2021    7pm, Elli Schindler (artbuying, Present Perfect)

02-18-2021    8pm, Kerstin Mende (artbuying, Scholz+Friends)

02-21-2021    6pm, Alessia Glaviano (brand visual director, Vogue Italia)

02-21-2021    7pm, Alice Feja (artbuying, Kolle Rebbe)

02-28-2021    7pm, Kozva Rigaud (founder, Shotview)

Connected Archives - Artist Talks

unfrequent artist talks - hosted by Francis Salvator (editor National Geographic, Coeval magazine). Our artist talks are one-takes, recorded via WhatsApp voice messages. Because we love imperfection. Subscribe on Spotify.

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