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We are an international collective of like-minded photographers ranging from upcoming talents to established and award-winning artists. Working within the realms of portrait, documentary, fashion, and fine-art photography, our pictures live on the pages of renowned newspapers and magazines. With our poetic and personal approach to photography, our visual language speaks to both commercial and artistic purposes.

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We believe that creative production, now more than ever, requires a sustainable and solidary approach. For us, that means: less commuting, less polluting – and recycling images by providing access to unpublished and exclusive series from books, exhibitions and already published features that are now available for licensing.

Through our series Curated Collections, we regularly ask esteemed curators, photo editors, and art buyers to select works that respond to the most compelling topics of our time. 

For more details, behind-the-scenes material, and funny anecdotes, follow us on Instagram or listen in on our podcast of the same name. We look forward to connecting with you. 

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Eylül Aslan, Julian Baumann, Anna Breit, Evelyn Dragan, Lisa Edi, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Ramon Haindl, Peter Jaunig, Clara Nebeling, Mafalda Rakoš, Robert Rieger, Yannick Schütte, Maša Stanić, Christian Werner

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