Whats the difference between editorial and commercial?

The key distinction between editorial and commercial photography usage is their intended purpose. Understanding the differences is essential for photographers, clients, and models to ensure that the appropriate permissions and licensing agreements are in place. Editorial Photography: Used for non-commercial purposes, often in news and storytelling, with no explicit promotion. Model releases may not be needed. Commercial Photography: Intended for promoting products or services, used in advertising and marketing. Requires model releases and emphasizes aesthetics to attract consumers.

How to become an artist at CA?

We're dedicated to the highest standards of image quality and curation, which is why we handpick the most outstanding artists for our roster. However, our commitment goes beyond quality. We value a balanced visual narrative, explore specific themes and celebrate a diverse mix of artists from different backgrounds. Ready to embark on this creative journey? Share your vision with us by submitting 100 low-resolution images through your preferred file-sharing platform.

How to order and pay images?

To order, simply click on the image of your choice and select "Order Image" or create a collection in a Lightbox and click on "Request a quote for this selection" to access the order form. For design drafts: Images for layout purposes can be downloaded free of charge as low-resolution files. We primarily invoice for payment and strive to provide a fast and straightforward process. If you have any further questions or special cases, feel free to email us at ca@connected-archives.com. We're here to help!